Geertje Brandenburg (1998 NL) is een beeldend kunstenaar die fotografie, collage en installatie samenbrengt.

Throughout photography-based collages and installations, Geertje Brandenburg investigates the narrative power of images. Drawn from her extensive visual archive, Brandenburg presents photographs devoid of their original context, confronting us with the notion of photography as the result of an outward gaze. As the camera can see us in ways we can never see ourselves, Brandenburg utilises her work to raise the question what it means to be seen. 

By incorporating spatial objects into her work, Brandenburg’s installations are set to redirect the gaze and cause dialogue about the difference between photography and reality.

Text by Menno Vuister 2020



ALL IN, Het Hem, Zaandam

Upscale Gallery, Rotterdam

(upcoming) Kunstliefde, Utrecht

(upcoming) Fotofestival Naarden, Galerie Pouloeuff


Volta showcase, Tallin-Estonia
HKU graduation show, Utrecht
F O M A, Oude Broese Utrecht
Hectobar 8.0, Amsterdam
A0 expositie, Utrecht
Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam


Nasty Women, Amterdam
Le Mini Who, Utrecht
Dog Days, Utrecht


Impakt Festival, The Way Out is Through, Utrecht
Videoshow LE:EN, Utrecht

Keep an Eye Photography Stipend 2020- winner

2020, 2020 (With Koen Taselaar)
tributaries, 2020, (With: Megan Auður, Gordon H. Williams, Patricia Nistor, and Betina Abi Habib.)
Crescendo in E minor, 2019

Swab Art Fair, Barcelona, Sep. 2019

HKU fine arts 2016-2020

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