Geertje Brandenburg, 1998, is a Dutch artist who works with photography, collage, installation and text.

Besides her artistic practice she is the founder and curator of de Ijskast, a non-profit art space in Rotterdam.

In artworks built up from her extensive visual archive, Geertje questions the versatility of identity. As someone named after several people Geertje interweaves herself with others, presenting a version of the truth that fluctuates between myth and a half-remembered moment. Geertje’s work is rooted in collage and the archive, photos taken from their original context are combined with text written by the artist herself. Through appropriating materials from the archive and combining them with personal stories Geertje creates a world in which she is both her grandmother and an unknown woman in a photo. Her sister’s dreams become her own, and words written by a stranger become notes in her own diary.

This fluid approach to the autobiographical makes Geertje’s work feel like a dream that you are trying to remember, but can’t quite puzzle together.


(upcoming) Limburgbiënnale, Marres, Maastricht 29 jun - 25 aug

Windowwashers, T-space, Antwerp
Hectobar Hejsteck#, Utrecht
Prospects, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam

In Memory of Memory, Amsterdam
A space is a Space, Den Haag
Re-Build, Rotterdam

De aanschouw on wheels, rotterdam

Hectobar 21.o, Rotterdam
Am Ende wird alles gut, De Ijskast, Rotterdam
New Generation 3.0, Amersfoort
Simulacrum Online exhibition

ALL IN, Het Hem, Zaandam
Upscale Gallery, Rotterdam
Kunstliefde, Utrecht
Fotofestival Naarden, Galerie Pouloeuff
Fotodok, Utrecht
Hectobar 11.0, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

Volta showcase, Tallin-Estonia
HKU graduation show, Utrecht
F O M A, Oude Broese Utrecht
Hectobar 8.0, Amsterdam
A0 expositie, Utrecht
Josilda da Conceição Gallery, Amsterdam

Nasty Women, Amterdam
Le Mini Who, Utrecht
Dog Days, Utrecht

Impakt Festival, The Way Out is Through, Utrecht
Videoshow LE:EN, Utrecht


CBK I&V grant             2024
Mondriaan startstipendium 2023
Mondriaan startstipendium 2022
Droom en daad coronaloket stipend 2021
Keep an Eye Photography Stipend 2020- winner


Artists book Paperbound, 2022
Summerhouse, self published, available at bookstores in Rotterdam, 2021
2020, 2020 (With Koen Taselaar)
tributaries, 2020, (With: Megan Auður, Gordon H. Williams, Patricia Nistor, and Betina Abi Habib.)
Crescendo in E minor, 2019


Various private collections
The national archive 2021
The Royal Library 2021


Prospects, Art Rotterdam,    2024
Paperbound, Amsterdam,       2022 Swab Art Fair, Barcelona,    2019


De Belofte 2024
Head curator at the Ijskast Rotterdam 2022-2023


Coaching by Camille Leveque 2020-2021
HKU fine arts 2016-2020